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As a UK based visual development artist, I love working with colour, emotion and atmosphere. 

I am currently working at Bluezoo as a Designer on a new CG TV series ,

and earlier this year I was at Nickelodeon Feature as a Colour Designer.


In the past I have worked on the game "Botany Manor" for Balloon Studios as a 2D artist, as well as

projects for SixteenSouth Studios, Skjald Creative, BBC, Mosaic Motion and Millstream Productions.


Being an avid plein-air painter, my favourite way of exploring new places is by setting up my easel and taking in the view.

I am also known for sharing hearty Portuguese cuisine recipes and being a proud pun connoisseur.

Software Experience

Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Storyboard Pro, 

Toon Boom, TV Paint, Animate, Flash, Illustrator, Maya, Blender, Shotgrid.


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