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Mari & Mafs 

Graduation film. This is a story about 2 best friends pulling each other together when distance pushes them apart. Mari struggles to get into an Art academy far away from home but Mafs, in spite of the distance, motivates her into fighting for her dream. 

Let It Happen

In a world where death is feared as one's worst enemy, an old hippie welcomes it as a new stage. A matter of perspective.

Music: "Let it Happen" by The Punch Brothers

BBC Panorama - Universal Credit

A team project aimed at the British working age population explaining the procedure to enrol with Universal Credit

Keely Denham Music

I was part of the production team behind "Leaves", while I was in charge of the animation on top of live action.

The Lost Mariner

A music video project produced with Lorna Tan.

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